Loyalty Card

We love to spoil our loyal customers at our Spa’s.

Loyalty Card
Yearly fees must be paid up to date, to qualify for the incentive – (R 100 + Vat, Thus R114 per year.) The Club member will receive a Loyalty Incentive Club Card. Person must have purchased any item from any branch the previous month by himself/ herself. The Customer have the opportunity to introduce friends and Family to get a Loyalty Card, and earn 2.5% commission (in the form of points) on their sales as well. Person must purchase anything during the same month as their “down line” to qualify for commission points from their down line.

The Loyalty Club Member gets 2% on retail pricing (Prices before VAT is added) on his/her own sales credited as points. On their friends sales he/she will earn 2.5% commission in the form of points. (Calculated at retail pricing (prices before VAT) on the introduced person’s sales.

The points will be deducted on the invoice after the VAT is added on the invoice. All products have a maximum P.I point ranking which indicates the maximum points that can be used against the purchase of the particular product.

The points are calculated at 2% (0r 2.5% on the down line) and then “rounded up” to the nearest full point, for instance: the points earned on R 95 (Excl VAT) will be R95 x 2% = 1.90, thus the person will get 2 points credit).

Point’s cannot be turned into cash. Points suggest a possible value of R 1.00.
The original branch who sold the Incentive Club membership gets 1% back on all purchases, also calculated at retail price (before VAT)

A person on the Membership program cannot be a member on the Incentive Club program.