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The Exerciser Elite® is a passive exercise machine capable of providing positive results to the complex human body. Many people have made improvements in the way they feel by incorporating this revolutionary machine into their daily routine.

The Exerciser Elite® does not take up a great deal of space and does not require regular maintenance. Operating the machine is simple…just lie down, place your ankles on the ankle rest and turn the machine on. The machine creates an approximate 2″ right to left movement. This gentle, swinging movement cycles up through the body, which, in turn, can help promote flexibility in the ankles, knees, hips and spine, relaxation of the muscles in the back, and increase circulation in the lower extremities. Increasing the circulation in the lower extremities can help relieve swelling in the ankles and legs. The Exerciser Elite® can offer some of the benefits of aerobic exercise without stress or impact on the joints.

This type of movement has been practiced for over 200 years, only it was done by hand. A practitioner would elevate a person’s feet and swing them back and forth to stimulate the circulation throughout the body. In 1992, a gentleman in Japan introduced a machine that would simulate the same movement.

Feel Better with Passive Exercise

Studies indicate passive exercise is extremely beneficial, especially to those who are unable to do aerobic type exercise. Passive exercise is also beneficial for those who do aerobic type exercise, as it helps loosen muscles before an intense workout. It also helps to use as a cool down after a workout. Although passive exercise does not increase the heart rate or burn as many calories as true aerobic exercise, you can still enjoy many other remarkable benefits. Both passive and aerobic exercise can increase circulation, oxygenate the blood, help with the production and release of nitric oxide and endorphins. It also helps move the lymph fluid, which can be beneficial to the immune system.

Exercise & You…

For many years, exercising on a regular basis has been known to help with various ailments. Exercise is essential to our overall well-being. It helps increase energy levels, helps maintain a healthy heart, helps with weight control, and helps to decrease depression and fatigue. Exercise can also help prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other ailments. Not only does a well-rounded exercise program help reduce the risk of many ailments, it also helps to reduce the emotional pain that often accompanies the development of many ailments. Exercise can help increase circulation throughout the body and helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. This, in turn, helps the cardiovascular system work more efficiently. Millions of people suffer from various ailments that could be improved through regular exercise.