Welcome to Healing Waves Spa, the ultimate movement- and Far-Infrared energy experience.

Healing Waves Spa is the ideal franchise opportunity for the go-getter who would like to make a difference in his/her community. This is a Health Spa setup with a difference – Healing Waves is the only South African based Multi-level marketing Spa program that can help people with both health enhancement, stress management, relaxation and in addition to all this: Creating wealth – All in One!


Healing Waves Spa is not a medical franchise, but it can provide much health benefits. It is the perfect combination of Eastern and Western medicine providing a multi-energy health care system that coincides with today’s fast paced modern life.

The Healing waves program consists of a few scientific principles joined together to form a unique science.

The ideal characteristics needed as a health spa practitioner is Compassion; Self-confidence and Creativity to influence people. This is the opportunity to help change the world! Welcome to our team.

For more information please contact Maddy on 081 462 4698 or

World Wide Franchising Headquarters

The Healing Waves Spa is currently only based in South Africa and in the process of opening more franchises in neighboring countries like Namibia and Zimbabwe.

We are ready to branch out to the rest of the world with our well tested alternative healing spa concept. You can be the first in your country to own and manage a Healing Waves Spa Franchisee Headquarters.