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Welcome to Healing Waves Spa, the ultimate movement- and Far-Infrared energy experience.

Healing Waves Spa is the ideal franchise opportunity for the go-getter who would like to make a difference in his/her community. This is a Health Spa setup with a difference – Healing Waves is the only South African based Multi-level marketing Spa program that can help people with both health enhancement, stress management, relaxation and in addition to all this: Creating wealth – All in One!

Healing Waves Spa is not a medical franchise, but it can provide much health benefits. It is the perfect combination of Eastern and Western medicine providing a multi-energy health care system that coincides with today’s fast paced modern life.

The Healing waves program consists of a few scientific principles joined together to form a unique science.

The ideal characteristics needed as a health spa practitioner is Compassion; Self-confidence and Creativity to influence people. This is the opportunity to help change the world! Welcome to our team.