His left leg was amputated 18 years ago. Even before that his legs always had bad circulation. Four years ago his right leg started giving bigger problems than usual –open sores that never in the past 4 years healed. It got so bad that he struggled to stand on his foot. He used all kinds of antibiotics and creams that didn’t even make a little difference. He recognised the condition of his leg as the same as right before his other leg got amputated. He didn’t want to go that same path again!

Luckily just in time Johan heard of SOQI Brakpan – his last resort . He decided since he got nothing to loose by trying our therapy before they amputate his leg. He made an appointment on the 13th July and signed in for treatment.

We gave him Enzymes and Basix cream to mix and apply to his open wounds. Treatment on the Chi-machine was sure to help for the blood circulation. Motion, Thermal , Electric energy and Nutritional energy helped saved his leg.